Board Positions, Job Descriptions and Bylaws

Board Officers
  • President – Schedules and chairs monthly EBPO meetings monthly. Interfaces with the Band Director on programs and budget requirements. Recruits for Board and committee positions as needed. Represents the EBPO at school events (Back to School Night, 8th Grade Orientation, etc.). Mentors vice president.
  • Vice President – Acts as an aide to the president and shall perform the duties of the president in the absence or disability of that officer to act. Receives mentoring to fulfill the president position once it has become vacant.
  • Secretary – Takes minutes at the monthly EBPO meeting, especially noting budgetary items that were approved and issues the minutes before the next EBPO meeting. Keeps a copy of the bylaws.
  • Sr. Treasurer –Maintains the financial statements. Receives donations and fundraising proceeds for deposits. Reimburses expenses via the EBPO checking account per the budget. Reports the financials and comparison to budget at the monthly EBPO meetings. Receives and reconciles banking statements.  Mentors junior treasurer. (This is a 2-year position.)
  • Jr. Treasurer – Acts as an aide to the treasurer and shall perform the duties of the treasurer in their absence or inability to carry out their work. Receives mentoring to fulfill the treasurer position once it has become vacant.

Committee Positions

  • Chaperone Coordinator – Coordinates volunteers (often through Sign-Up Genius) to chaperone performances and events, prep the stands for home games, and supervise the use of chaperone badges.
  • Communications Coordinator – Updates and maintains the Edison Band website and manages social media.
  • Fundraising Coordinator – Plans and coordinates fundraising activities, with one member reporting to the EBPO at monthly meetings.  Examples include:
    • Restaurant Nights – Coordinates with restaurants and publicizes up to four restaurant nights each school year and follow‐up on payments.
    • Car Washes – Supervises car washes, scheduled by the Director, usually two per year.
    • Barnes & Noble Fundraiser – Coordinates logistics, promotes and communicates with parents and students about the fundraiser.
  • Hospitality Committee – Coordinates, with volunteers (often through Sign-Up Genius), food and/or refreshments (including setup, serving, and clean up when applicable) during Marching Season, Band Camp, and the Band Banquet.  One member will report to the EBPO at monthly meetings.
  • Pit Crew Coordinator – Drives, solicits, and coordinates volunteers for the loading and unloading of instruments, sound equipment, and uniforms for the band events.
  • Scholarship Committee – Works with another committee member to review criteria for scholarships, gather scholarship applications, coordinate with EHS administration to determine winners.
  • Spirit Wear Coordinator – Work with Band Director, Drum Major(s), and Captains for the design of show shirts at the beginning of band camp, arrange production of shirts, as well as take orders for spirit wear.
  • Tag Day Team – Plans and coordinates Tag Day activities including mapping out zones, efficiently route teams to the mapped zones, collects funds for submission to Treasurer, and track collections by zone to determine the best areas for solicitation.
  • Uniform Coordinators – Coordinates the assigning and fitting of band uniforms (marching, symphonic, and concert), cleaning in a timely manner, and maintaining inventory (including accessories:  gloves, plumes, shako boxes).
    • During Season – During Marching Season and concert season– Sets up uniform carts and assists students with uniform needs for games, competitions, and concerts. Ensures uniforms are put away at the end of each event.
    • Post Season – Post Season – Arranges for the dry cleaning and return of uniforms (around May for Marching Band and August (start of the school year) for Symphonic).

Edison Band Parent Organization (EBPO) Bylaws (2/22)