2017 Spring Trip - March 22-26!


Full Itinerary (pdf) / Medical Consent Form (pdf)

Packing List:

  • Band Shirt (Holst)
  • 1 pair of black socks
  • Marching Shoes
  • Gym Shorts (you will wear these under your marching uniform - no pants)
  • White Gloves (non marching band members will be issued these)
Please remember that the bottom of the bus will be packed with instruments and equipment, so follow the rule of "if you donít need it..leave itĒ when you pack your suitcases.  You will have room to bring a bag on the bus as well, make sure itís close to the size of a backpack so it can fit over head.  

How much money should I bring?

At the very least, you should bring money for 5 meals and some extra for snacks:

  • Breakfast on March 23rd
  • Lunch on March 23
  • Lunch on March 24
  • Lunch on March 25
  • Breakfast on March 26

Wednesday March 22

On Wednesday, March 22nd, we will have a short rehearsal right after school before we leave for the trip.  Weíll play through the music couple of times and get you moving in step together.  The band boosters will make sure you have a good dinner before we depart on the bus, so no need to seek food elsewhere.  However, feel free to bring your own dinner if you have some concerns, or speak to me about what we plan to have for you to eat so you can make the best decision.  
Bring your luggage Wednesday morning.  There will be two rooms set aside for you to put your luggage that will be locked for security.  If you ride the bus and luggage would be an issue, please some speak to Mr. Mitchell and we will work it out for you.  


Please see the itinerary -- it doesnít leave room for much leisure time in the hotel.  Plan on not swimming.


Here is a medical form for Orlando Universal.  Please print this form out and return to Mr. Mitchell if not already done. 

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